Performance Clinic - Advanced Building Blocks

October's Performance Clinics focused on the fundamental elements of skiing. We worked on developing high level personal performance by stripping back everyone's skiing to the basics, replicating the progression that beginners use when they learn to ski. The Performance Clinics are our highest level coaching, and it is terrific to see our most experienced clients work on their core skiing skills through basics such as snowplough and plough-parallel turns. Invariably the weaknesses and faults we see in performance skiing are mirrored when skiers demonstrate these basic manoeuvres, so this provides the ideal opportunity to address those problems. Working at such slow speeds presents a unique challenge, demanding great balance and high levels of precision in movements and timing.

pcb 1 pcd

During the day we worked on different ways of steering your skis, while making snow plough turns. This included snowplough turns mainly by twisting/rotating your skis; snowplough turns mostly by edging your skis and snowplough turns by using lots of pressure. For each type of turn we then made some performance runs, trying to replicate the movements, timing and feelings we were developing in the snowplough turns. It's possible to make some big changes in performance skiing by slowing down all your movements and working to a high level of precision and timing.

pcb 2 pcb 3

As well as looking at the different ways we can steer our skis we also worked on lateral and fore/aft balance; controlling the inside ski at transition and through the turn; and the timing of our flexion and extension movements to ensure a strong, stacked stance when skiing at a high level. All this by skiing like beginners! Great to see changes to everyone's skiing during the day, especially such deep, fundamental changes which made an observable difference to the high performance runs.