Ski Fitness Testing
We have developed a series of Ski Fitness Tests that you can do yourself without the need for a gym or any specialised equipment. Working on your general fitness is always a good idea but if you would like to see how “ski” fit you are these tests are a great indicator.

If you are considering becoming an instructor or are ski racer please have a look at our Extended Ski Fitness Tests

Ski Fitness Workouts
Bodyweight workouts for ski fitness - I think this short video is the best set of exercises on the web that you can do to get ski fit without ANY equipment, pick a few and do sets of three with a short break in between.

30 minute home ski fitness workout on video

Gym based workouts - Fred Lepine's Elite Ski Workout utilising typical gym equipment - Part 1 and Part 2
What should my bindings be set at?
We get this question all the time and the best set of guidelines we have found are the AFNOR tables which you can download and print out:

DIN setting for Women

DIN setting for Men

And a link to how to set your bindings using these tables is here