GCSE Assessment - £189
All our GCSE Assessments take place at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, skiing indoors on real snow.

GCSE Assessments are specialist coaching sessions for students who are submitting skiing as one of their minor sports in their portfolio of assessed coursework. Price includes skis & boots rental and a 2 hour slope pass which starts 30 minutes prior to meeting your coach so you have time to warm up.

Due to recent changes to examination criteria we are NOT able to perform ALL of the work required on exams for WJEC, OCR, AQA or Edexel as they require a competitive Slalom race element which we are unable to set up in the SnowCentre. We can do ALL of the other components of the exam but you would need to take video of your child in a race setting and photograph the race results on an open "friendly" weekly race such as what the ESF offer in France.

Typical GCSE Assessments
After your half hour warm up you then meet your coach in the changing area and have a 90 minute session when we will take extensive video footage to prepare a downloadable video of the student's skiing, which is accompanied by a written report which assesses the student against the criteria set by the awarding body for the GCSE.

The session with your coach will begin with a discussion of what skiing you have done and areas you think you are good at or bad at. We will watch you ski for a couple of runs to identify some key skills that we can help you improve. While you are skiing we will take a lots of video clips which show your skiing at its best. These video clips will be edited to provide a part of the assessed coursework which is submitted to your school. The video will be available online for you to download a few days after the assessment session. The video will be accompanied by a written report which we will email to you at the same time, for you to submit to your school.

You can see a typical GCSE Assessment video below and download an example written report which is submitted as part of the coursework.

GCSE Assessments for groups
We can run GCSE Assessments for up to four people, which are suitable for groups of friends or classmates. Rates are:
2 people +£120
3 people +£220
4 people +£300

We typically run our GCSE Assessment days on SATURDAY mornings but can be flexible on the dates and times for the GCSE Assessment so please contact us so we can jointly arrange for a session time that suits you.
Sample Video