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VIP Group

At Inside Out Skiing we firmly believe in the benefits of regular ski training all year round. We've seen at first-hand how much progress can be made with developing ski skills, using an indoor snow slope to complement coaching holidays and ski trips to the mountains. We've helped our regular clients become better and more confident skiers. We want to encourage more people to follow the same path by recognising their commitment to training with us and making it cheaper to train with us on a regular basis. Our VIP Group is how we do this.

What are the benefits of the VIP Group?

The main benefit of being a member of the VIP Group is an immediate and ongoing reduction in the cost of our training at The Snow Centre. Once you become a VIP member you will receive:

  • 10% off the price of any coaching sessions in the UK.

  • A 10% discount on the Coaching Fee on any of our Holidays.

  • A complimentary Inside Out Skiing hoodie.

  • Instructor level discounts on all Dynastar Skis.

What's more you will be able to redeem your Frequent Skier Points for Half Price Hemel Hempstead group clinics, making it even cheaper to ski with us on a regular basis.

How do you

You become a member of the VIP Group by attending a mix of ten coaching sessions with us in the UK, or five holidays. There is no time limit within which you need to do this. Once you reach this threshold we will send you an individual VIP discount code which you can apply to future bookings inside or out !

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