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London Snow Centre
Ski Coaching Programme

Our main year round coaching base is The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, London's indoor ski slope which offers skiing on real snow all year-round. We offer a range of group coaching clinics along with private sessions for a wide range of abilities. All of our clinics feature extensive use of video analysis and review.

Our coaching options begin for skiers who are early-stage improvers, with perhaps just a week or two of skiing experience. We then have a range of options for recreational skiers at intermediate, advanced/expert stage, including those who are considering training for ski instructor qualifications. Check your skiing level here to see which clinic is right for you.

If you are a beginner please contact The Snow Centre as we don't offer lessons for under 16's or new skiers.

Private ski coaching
Private Ski Coaching
(Level 4-10 skiers)

All our Private UK ski coaching takes place at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, skiing indoors on real snow. We provide the utmost in individual attention for skiers of all levels of ability from early-stage improvers to expert skiers. We are highly experienced, mature ski teachers and will be able to swiftly diagnose any issues you have with your skiing. We don't just offer tips or quick fixes, but we will develop an individual programme to help you permanently change your skiing. We do detailed video analysis during all our private coaching sessions to assist with your learning and afterwards provide you with a copy of all of your video clips.

Improver clinics
improver ski clinic
Improver Clinics
(Level 4-6 skiers)

Our Improver Clinics are two-hour group clinics for skiers who are relatively new to the sport with perhaps just a week or so on skis and are keen to progress their skiing. These clinics are also extremely successful for those with more experience who are looking to increase their confidence and control. Each session is tailored exactly to your needs and with a max group size of 4 people ensures lots of individual attention and feedback coupled with video review during a coffee break. All video footage will be uploaded to your individual cloud based Inside Out Skiing video storage folder which you can access at any time.

Tune up clinic
Outside ski.jpg
Tune-Up Clinics
(Confident Level 6-10 skiers)

Our Tune-Up clinics are half-day bespoke lessons with no pre-set format, specifically tailored to each person's needs. A small maximum group size of 4 people ensures lots of individual attention and feedback coupled with video review during breaks. These "private-lessons-in-parallel" sessions are less structured, everyone skis at their own pace with the coach setting specific individual drills and exercises appropriate to each person's skills level and what you wish to work on.

Devlopment clinics
Front cover inside shot 1.jpg
Development Clinics
(Level 7-10 skiers)

Our Development Clinics are four-hour sessions which focus on particular aspects of your skiing skills base to enable you to ski the whole mountain with flair. We will work in depth on a tightly defined skiing skillset that varies each month to ensure long term, all round, lasting improvements to your skiing. If you are the type of person who feels that "good" isn't good enough, these clinics are for you! The day is broken into two 90-minute coaching sessions with an hour coffee/lunch break during which we do group video analysis and individual feedback and lastly some individual practice time to consolidate the days learning. 

Moguls gallery 10.jpg
Moguls Clinics
(Level 8-10 skiers)

Moguls Clinics are run during the summer and a mix of drills and exercises outside of the bumps to develop your mogul skiing skills and we make small bumps by skiing set courses and sometimes the Centre will build small moguls for us to play in. The course is primarily skills based so you can get comfortable with the tactics and changes needed to ski bumps so they are fun not frightening!

There are a lot of misconceptions on how to ski bumps. We will work on the fundamental skills required for effective mogul skiing and explore tactics on how best to tackle mogul fields when you are in the mountains.

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