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What's Your Ski Level?

Beginner > Improver > Intermediate > Advanced > Expert > World Class
Level 1
Ski Equipment
Level 1  -  First Timer

"I have never put skis on before."

At this level you will be introduced to your ski equipment, and will do a range of activities to get you comfortable on snow. You will first ski on a gentle slope in a straight glide and then making some gentle turns and being able to stop under control. 

Please note that we do not provide coaching for Level 1-3 Skiers

Level 2
Level 2 - Early Learner

"I can make left and right snowplough turns on the nursery slope."

You may not always be in control of your exact speed and direction but you will be able to come to a stop on the nursery slope using a snowplough. Your legs are probable fairly rigid and you may be beginning to make extension ("stretching") and flexion ("down") movements as you make your turns. 

Please note that we do not provide coaching for Level 1-3 Skiers

Level 3
Level 3  - Learner

"I can link snowplough turns and control my speed on the nursery slope."

You will frequently flex and extend your legs as you turn, and you have control of your speed and direction on nursery slopes. You are able to use the drag lift or chairlift for the first time. You still prefer to ski while being supervised by an instructor. 

Please note that we do not provide coaching for Level 1-3 Skiers

Level 4
Level 4  -  Early Improver

"I can control my speed and direction on green slopes, mainly with a snowplough turn. I prefer to ski with an instructor."

You are developing more control of your flexion and extension and are using these movements to enhance the turns you are making. You have good control of your speed and direction and are beginning to tackle steeper terrain than the nursery slope. You are gaining confidence to ski more quickly and are becoming better balanced on your outside ski.

Level 5
Level 5 -  Improver

"I can ski on blue runs, green runs are fun and easy. My skis are parallel when I feel confident, but a big snowplough shape comes back when it gets steep, narrow or icy." 

Your snowplough is noticeably smaller and you are able to finish turns with your skis in a parallel position. You may have done a week or more of skiing and can now ski down a blue run, although you might struggle on the steeper sections. You are beginning to use your ski poles, but the timing of your pole plants is not yet helping you to ski fluidly. You can confidently change your direction and slow down as required on green and gentle blue pistes. You may lack confidence or get nervous on steeper slopes and when skiing at higher speeds, and you use big snowplough turns when conditions get tricky although it does not stop you getting around the mountain. 

Level 6
Level 6 - Early Intermediate

"I can ski most red runs when the conditions are good. I like going fairly fast, but struggle when it gets bumpy, steeper, icy, or the snow gets deep."

You can always parallel on blues and almost always on reds, confident on reds unless the conditions are difficult. You can easily get around the mountain but your technique could be better. You may have tried moguls, black runs and the un-pisted terrain at the side of the slope, but you struggled. You may be reliant on turning with your shoulders and lack movement with your legs. Your turns tend to be the same shape and size and don't always match the terrain.

Level 7
Level 7 - Intermediate

"I can ski all reds and get down most blacks as well, providing they're not too steep or bumpy. I may have tried skiing just off the side of the pistes."

You are now able to link confident parallel turns on blues and reds and are comfortable skiing easier black runs. Steeper and icy slopes may cause you to lose a little of your style, but you are still able to get to the bottom in one piece. You have now started to occasionally get the feeling of ‘carving’ your turns and this has brought a whole new dimension to your skiing. You are happy on-piste but would like to ski on other slopes, including off-piste, bumps fields and other variable conditions.

Level 8
Level 8 - Early Advanced

"I can comfortably ski all the pisted runs on the mountain under control and can pick my line down any piste. I am linking turns in fresh snow just off-piste."

You can carve clean tracks on blue runs when the conditions are good with only a little skidding. You are keen to get better on icy pistes and in variable conditions. Your progress may be hampered by a lack of technique or fitness. You may be reliant on pushing your heels or picking up the inside ski to initiate your turns or have bad habits you struggle to break. You probably pick your way down moguls a few turns at a time and traverse really difficult areas. When you think you are carving you may not be actively piloting the skis. You may be thinking of taking an Level 1 Instructor course but are unsure if you are at the right standard just yet.

Level 9
Level 9 - Advanced

"I am a confident experienced skier and like to go fast on reds, blacks are no problem and I enjoy easy off-piste slopes and steep terrain."

You have probably have taken numerous lessons and you ski dynamically at speed on piste. Off-piste is no longer a struggle, and you really have the feel for carving turns of all sizes on all pistes and enjoy the thrill that it gives you. You are able to carve effectively from turn to turn on nicely groomed snow but are not so consistent when the snow is icy or un-groomed. You can get down steeps, moguls and freeride terrain with confidence and a semi-consistent technique but will lose some control in the more difficult areas. You are probably able to, or have, passed an L1 instructor course. You can make changes to your skiing when asked, you can perform drills that demonstrate control of pressure, edge and rotation. You can change turn shape at will and mix rhythmical short and long radius turns. 

Level 10
Level 10 - Early Expert

"I am a strong all round on and off piste skier and can ski most places that are serviced by the lifts."

You can ski all terrain comfortably but are perhaps limited in speed and confidence in some areas. You are probably interested in race training, steep couloirs, instructor exam technical requirements, freeride performance and higher speeds on piste. You are a strong skier but to improve you will need greater all round dynamics and should practice on steeper fall line moguls with an increased range of movements and make higher speed GS sized turns in variable snow conditions. If you teach you are at level 2 and perhaps are getting ready for ISIA exams. 

Level 11
Level 11 - Expert

"I ski competently everywhere on the mountain."

You can adjust your technique to suit all snow conditions and are relaxed and comfortable in difficult off-piste terrain and at high speeds on piste. When things go wrong you are able to recover without losing your rhythm and you make skiing in tough conditions look easy. You are humble and know that there is loads more to learn and can feel differences between skis and how they are tuned. You are getting close to being able to ski well whatever the conditions confidently and with ease. Instructors may be at L3 level and perhaps training for ISTD technical exams and the Euro Speed Test. 

Level 12
Level 12  - Athletes & Instructor Trainers

"I am a fluid skier with a unique style."

You most likely make a living from skiing or ski most days, exploring different styles and forms of snowsport. You may have competed in moguls, free style, National championships or FIS level Alpine racing competitions. If you teach you are in the top few % of your governing body and probably train other instructors. You turn heads when you ski by.

Level 13
Free Riding
Level 13 -  World Class

"I get filmed for movies or race on television."

If you are this good you wouldn't be looking at our website (although we're pleased you are)!

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