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Inside Out Skiing has been shortlisted for the 2016 World Snow Awards in the Snowsports School category!!!

The winner will be decided by public vote and if you could spare 30 secs please
CLICK HERE and be sure to answer Question 7 "Inside Out Skiing" to register your vote.

Many thanks to all our clients over the years in helping to get us this recognition!
Inside Out Skiing is a new concept in ski school. We operate all year round at London's indoor snowdome, the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead and in a range of resorts in the Alps. Rather than traditional ski lessons we offer skills-based coaching and year-round development of your skiing, using the same team of ski coaches. We offer coaching for early intermediate skiers up to professional development for ski instructors. Let us help you take your skiing to the next level !
Ski coaching all year round
• Ongoing personal ski development
• Different training focus each month
• Discounts and rewards for regulars
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Same coaches in the UK & abroad
• Video analysis of every session
• Train with same group of friends
• We get to know you and your skiing
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Alpine coaching holidays
• Choice of short breaks or full weeks
• Mix of coaching & guiding
• Holiday with friends you train with
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