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Success Stories

From Beginner To Winner
Tim | Success Story

"I want to improve my technique and become more confident"

Tim started starting skiing in March 2011 and he came to us after having done a few lessons at The Snow Centre. He wanted to improve his technique and become more confident on the slopes so that he would be ready for his first trip to the mountains. Once he felt steady on his skis he booked our Italian Food and Fun coaching holiday and after his first trip he was hooked!

Over the coming years Tim continued his training year round at The Snow Centre and is a regular member on our coaching holidays to the Alps. As Tim progressed he expressed an interest in Instructor training and joined our FastTrack training programme in the summer of 2013. After a bit of time to consolidate our course plus some specific training to get his skiing up the level he took the plunge and booked onto a BASI instructor training and assessment week in April 2014.

Although a little unsure of himself (his coaches were sure) he PASSED. Very well done and it just goes to show that with dedication, training and a lot of enjoyment you can make great progress and have a lot of fun during the journey.

Tim typically skied in the dome once or twice a month. Initially half day clinics with some private coaching sessions when he wanted to work on something specific. Then moved on to full-day clinics plus a bit of free practice. As he has improved he skis indoors more frequently, usually twice a month, and has done around 5 weeks of coaching holidays in the mountains prior to his exams.

Mike | Success Story

"I want to become a fully certified ski instructor"

Mike came to us in 2009 with a simple goal, he wanted to become a fully certified ski instructor. Having done a little research he figured it would take about 5 years and wanted to work with us at Hemel to develop a plan of action on how to achieve this.


This is a very tough challenge, especially for someone with only 5 weeks skiing under their belt but Mike is a great athlete who had competed at international level as a player, and, as a coach guided the England touch rugby team to their first ever World Cup final. We were delighted that someone with such a strong coaching background placed his trust in us to help him meet his goals.


We started in November 2009 and from the video you can see the tremendous progress Mike made in the year we worked with him. Mike skied around 6 weeks per winter season over the last 3 years as well as some summer training and a few weeks pre-season training with Inside Out Skiing and others.


Allied to this are days at Hemel doing drills and practising.He is on track to meet his goal having passed his level 1 instructor course in June 2010, his L2 award in March 2011 and his Level 3 ISIA award in Nov 2013. A fantastic achievement in such a short space of time. We were delighted to be part of his journey and we wish him well in the coming years. Mike is currently rehabbing after an ACL injury during training for the Euro Speed Test.

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